Here at Faith and Victory we understand that God wants each of us to grow to the full potential that is on our lives so that each of us can take our rightful place in the Body of Christ to build His Kingdom.

We are a living church of God redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ who was crucified on the cross for our Sins & iniquities that through His sufferings we may be made whole it is for that purpose that we have dedicated our lives unto serving God and through this we may find Grace and Favour in His sight.

We have been called by the Lord to be Ambassadors of His Kingdom and to serve as a positive catalyst for change to exemplify and make of all nations His Servants. Join us at faith & victory for an out of this world worship experience as we not only bring you closer to the Creator, but re-ignite your passion for serving the Lord.

Our history

Faith & victory in Jesus Christ International ministries… Founded back in 1993 in the City of Gold now Johannesburg, South Africa by Apostle Mike Lwambwa. Like any other its beginnings were humble with the church’s very first location being the Apostle’s own home in the dusty Hillbrow Area however with the help of the Lord and the Vision which He had revealed to the Apostle the church has thus grown in numbers and in spirit from glory to glory defying all of life’s obstacles. Located in Fairview, Johannesburg is the headquarters of Faith & Victory in Jesus Christ Ministries. Other branches are located in DRC Congo USA Texas

Our Vision

1 John 5:4 “For whatever is born of God is victorious over the world; and this is the victory that conquers the world, even our faith. “

We want to win the people of the world with the Gospel and make them Disciples of Christ Matthew 2:19-20

We want to teach the leaders to be good leaders and to help them teach the people to be good followers of Jesus Christ 2 Timothy 2:2

We want to help the poor and needy people in their situation and help them to overcome their problems, so they may help others John 17:18

We want to help Christians enter into their divine promises John 8:32

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We are Christians and therefore not perfect however we strive for perfection and we only pray that we may find mercy in the eyes of God and Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ… With that said our church is Diverse and boasts men & women of God from all nations and from all corners of the earth. We are a multilingual church with services being held in English, French & Zulu (See Contacts page for Service times) Although the bible says God focuses on a man’s heart rather than his appearance we at faith and Victory leave no room for error even in the fashion department so Smart casual is usually the order of the day.


We are located on 78 Corrie street corner commissioner Street in Fairview, To see a map or to get directions, click here.
It would be easier to say who doesn’t. We have young and old, single and married, those with and without children, and a diversity of races. The majority of our members are families with children and teenagers, but there is also a large group of young marrieds and singles of all ages.
We are not a student church, although alot of students in the city do attend.
Easily. We have L.I.N.K. Teams that meet regularly for people who share common interests. Currently we have different L.I.N.K. Teams, ranging from motorcycle riding to knitting, from hunting to scrap booking, from racquetball to photography. And if we don’t have a L.I.N.K. Team you’re interested in, you can start one!
We celebrate Communion the first Sunday morning of every month.
Yes. We do each of these a few times a year as the need arises. Announcements are made for each in the church bulletin.
You can have your baby in service with you or take advantage of our nursery system, which is clearly marked in the North and East hallways of the church. If your baby needs you during the service, we will page you on the pager that is provided to you when you drop your little one off that morning.
We have School of the Bible classes set up Sunday mornings at 9:00 before the main service where your teens are taught about issues they deal with on a daily basis. On Wednesday nights at 6:30, JV and Varsity Youth have their own services with loud, high-energy praise and worship, complete with videos, small groups, and opportunities to get involved. There is also a café, video games, and pool tables to enjoy before and after service.
Yes. We do each of these a few times a year as the need arises. Announcements are made for each in the church bulletin.